About Us

Welcome to Ame and Fon!  We are two sisters from Michigan who decided to start an online business because quite frankly, we were both bored with our corporate jobs. More importantly, what we did from 9-5pm just didn't seem to give us any purpose. With the help and push from Fon's husband (Ame's brother-in-law), we decided to start an online business selling all different types of t-shirts and mugs. We enjoyed this new adventure, but it still just didn't feel 100% right to us.

We were raised Catholic by our parents and growing up, we would always go to Sunday mass and participate in family prayer. It wasn't until we became adults that we fully started to understand and truly appreciate our faith. After many nights of brainstorming about our online business, it finally hit us! We both feel so passionately about Christianity and wanted a way to spread it--but in our own way. We began transitioning our online store by adding some Christian/faith products until eventually the entire store became that. This change felt so right to the both of us!

We are now fully committed to living and spreading our faith in our own special way by selling what we think are some pretty cool Christian items! Our dream is to leave our corporate jobs and do this full time and we know God will provide a way because He always does.

That is the story of how Ame and Fon started.....we aren't sure where this journey will take us, but we are having so much fun along the way and thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

God Bless,

Ame and Fon